Zagreb, September 1, 2018 – With traditional water greeting on Saturday, September 1, the first flight of South Korean air company Korean Air which now connects Zagreb and Seoul three times a week, was welcomed. Inauguration ceremony was attended by Jacques Feron, President of the International Airport of Zagreb, Byung-Ryool Park, manager of Korean Aira for Europe with associates, His Excellency Park Won-sup Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Croatia, His Excellency Damir Kušen Newly Appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to the Republic Korea, Olivera Šarić, Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia, Martina Bienenfeld, Director of TZ Zagreb, Zoran Horvat, President of the Croatian-Korean Business Club, Luka Novosel, Member of the Board of Croatian-Korean Business Club and other guests.

Since its founding, the Croatian-Korean business club has been working intensively on improvement of relations between the two countries and has set up as one of the goals of its funding, a direct airline connection to improve economic relations. We are pleased to be able to contribute to this process and we are particularly proud of the fact that along with this flight, on October 24, 2018, the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in the Republic of Korea will be opened, which will also contribute significantly to the economic relation between the two countries. An additional direct airline between Seoul and Zagreb contributes to a much better relation between Croatia and Asia.

Ambassador Park Won-sup also highlighted the emotional moment of the KoreanAir landing in Zagreb as well as the desire for the success of this line in building stronger ties between Croatia and the Republic of Korea. Ambassador Damir Kušen thanked everyone involved in the realization of this flight and expressed the pleasure that he will be able to go to his new job by direct flight from Zagreb. Byung-Ryool Park, the Korean Aira leader for Europe, said he is pleased to introduce the first regular line to Croatia, the Southeast European country with extremely fast tourist growth and also said that is will be the bridge between Croatia and Korea which will contribute to the additional growth of economic and tourist cooperation.