About Croatia

ZagrebRepublic of Croatia is the newest European Union member state and one of the youngest states in Europe. After war for independence in 1990s, Croatia had developed modern democracy and become full member of NATO and EU.

Small in size, with only 56 000 sq km, Croatia strategic position between Adriatic Sea on one side and river Dunav on the other, gives great opportunity for development of transfer routes over it’s territory. Ship transfer from Southeast Asia to Europe has one of the shortest route to Europe mainland over Croatian ports like Rijeka.

Croatia had, in recent years, developed great motorways infrastructure and in plans are modernization of railways network. That infrastructure supports development of Croatia as a entering point for goods transfer to EU.

Beautiful coast and islands are foundation of tourism in Croatia and tourism contributes to national GDP with 16 %. That industry has great investment potential that is recognized by a number of foreign investors and it is forecasted as biggest area for foreign investments in near future.

Agriculture in Croatia, with focus on ecological food production is still quite underdeveloped industry with great potential for rapid growth in European Union. Croatian mainland, particularly Slavonia, if knows of it’s high quality soil and possibility’s to produce different type of agricultural products. Irrigation plans that are supported by Croatian government and EU will support even more development of this part of the industry.

Croatian shipyards, famous for decades for their quality ship production, are now privately owned and prepared for free market economy. Skills of their engineer’s guarantees that the most complex ships can be engineered and built in Croatia.

Croatia is still in a process of developing it’s full economic potential and our goal is to play a supportive role on that path.


Facts about Croatia

Total Area size: 56.000 sq km

Population 4.2 million

GDP per capita: $18.400

Currency: Kuna

Goverment: Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic