The Republic of Korea donates $200,000 to the Caritas Croatia

Zagreb, December 28, 2015 – The signing ceremony of the Donation Agreement, which the Republic of Korea donates the amount of $ 200,000 to Caritas Croatia was held at the Croatian Conference of Bishops. The amount is intended for the care of refugees and migrants on the Croatian territory, which are currently organized in the winter transit camp in the City of Slavonski Brod. Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Croatia, H.E. Suh Hyung-Won presented the donation to Msgr. Josip Mrzljak, President of Caritas Croatia who received the donation on behalf of the Caritas Croatia.

Msgr. Josip Mrzljak thanked the Government of the Republic of Korea for recognizing the efforts that Caritas Croatia invested in responding to that the needs of refugees to be handled in a human and concrete manner. He reported that the Caritas Croatia has been actively caring for the refugees from the first day in Opatovac, and in Slavonski Brod and has so far provided 500 floor beds, heated tent in size of 600 m2, sanitary container, 3,000 mattresses, sleeping bags, thermal foil, hygiene parcels, food, clothing, shoes and everything that comes on a daily basis as recommended by the competent services of the camp, and the volunteers of Caritas Croatia cook tea and share all that is needed 24-hours a day.

“So far 550,000 refugees passed through Croatia and because of the organized quick refugee transfer through Croatia, we are most often oblivious to this human tragedy happening in our country, especially those fleeing from the war suffering from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and this concerns us. But the tragedy is here, and here is the response from our expert services and volunteers. This gift comes at the right time, ” said Msgr. Josip Mrzljak.

H.E. Suh Hyung-Won said that one cannot remain immune to the situation that is currently happening on European soil, and although his country is away from Europe, Korea believes that they should participate in the aid in accordance with their capabilities. They are satisfied with the work of all agencies in the Republic of Croatia that deal with the refugee crisis, as well as the way in which Croatian Caritas included and complement the work of the Croatian Red Cross, and became an important link in the organization of the refugees. “The amount we donated is not large but is a reflection of our compassion with Croatian citizens and respect for all that you are doing at this time. The Republic of Korea will continue to assist as much as our capabilities will allow us” said the Ambassador H.E. Suh Hyung-Won.

At the end of the ceremony, Msgr. Josip Mrzljak once again expressed his gratitude for the donation and efforts of the Republic of Korea in order to strengthen their professional, humanitarian and friendly ties between the two countries.