IMG_9546 Zagreb, 16 June 2014 – The Croatian-Korean Business Club was formally presented at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Zagreb. Hosted by the Ambassador of the Republic Korea in Zagreb H.E. Suh Hyung-Won and President of the Croatian-Korean Business Club Mr. Zoran Horvat, the Opening ceremony of the Croatian-Korean Business Club was attended by about 100 dignitaries and representatives of the Croatian and Korean companies and institutions, including Deputy Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Honorable Milorad Batinić, president of the Croatian Academy of Engineering Prof. Vladimir Andročec, President & CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe GmbH Mr. Rhim Byung Kwon, Managing Director od Hanjin Shipping Hungary Ltd. Mr. Moh Hanseo, ManagingDirector of POSCO-ESDC Mr. Pangseob Pyon and other.

In his opening speech, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea H.E. Suh Hyung-Won thanked the founders of the Croatian-Korean Business Club and said that the club is established at the best possible time; when a large number of Korean investors are showing interest in investing in Croatia, when Croatia is one of the main tourist destinations for the Korean tourists and in the moment when, as a member of the European Union, Croatia can take advantage of the privileges of the free trade agreement between Korea and the European Union.

The President of the Croatian-Korean Business Club Mr. Zoran Horvat pointed out many years of friendly relations between Croatia and Korea, which was among the first Asian countries to recognize Croatia’s independence in 1992. Until today relations between the two countries have continuously developed, as evidenced by many projects of the large Korean conglomerates such as Samsung, whose involvement was crucial for the modernization of the Rijeka port.

On this occasion, the Deputy Speaker of the Croatian Parliament, Honorable Milorad Batinić said that the Croatian Parliament and he personally support the establishment of the Croatian-Korean Business Club and is looking forward to all initiatives that could be an incentive for continued economic growth in the Republic of Croatia and could intensify trade, in this case between Croatia and Korea.

Croatian-Korean Business Club was established with the aim of promoting and enhancing economic cooperation between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Korea with a focus on promoting the development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial initiatives, and trade between the two countries.